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[Dysphagia] Oral Motor Exercises for Adults

--- CARENSMANN@aol.com wrote:
>        Has there been any research to show OME's to
> have an 
> advantage/disadvantage as a therapeutic
> intervention? 


 What about with 
> certain DX such as neurodegenerative diseases
> (Parkinson's, MS)?

None whatsoever - in fact, if performed is likely to
worsen the condition due to gross fatigue. These are
conditions that are inexorably progressive. If
exercise of any type improved them I think it would
have been identified long ago.
The thing I find even more annoying than the simple
recommendation ofr OME is the frequent lack of any
differentiation among and between between motor,
sensory and mixed disorders to the point where I see
some doing "sensory stimulation" with ALS patients -
who have a motor neuron disease with intact sensation,
or OME when the motor neurons are disappearing.
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