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  • [Dysphagia] (no subject), Tsui, Vicki [PH]
  • [Dysphagia] radiologist presence in fluoro, Otto, Staci
  • [Dysphagia] MDTP, Cindy Barnett
  • [Dysphagia] OSA, rste1313 at aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Tools and materials for stroke survivors, William Connors
  • [Dysphagia] What do you think happened here?, ict graham
  • [Dysphagia] Looking for recommendations/suggestions, Sharon Manders
  • [Dysphagia] boston and martha's vinyard referral - PD speech & swallow, Laura Verdun
  • [Dysphagia] esophageal mano and pH studies, Dandreo
  • [Dysphagia] RegÃstrate tà tambiÃn en Facebook, Regina Maravilhosa Donnamaria
  • [Dysphagia] did you learn anything about DASI from List Serv, dgrabo at nycap.rr.com
  • [Dysphagia] Voice Tracheostomy Tube (VTT), Nancy Burnett
  • [Dysphagia] Dysphagia Digest, Vol 79, Issue 14, Emily Buxbaum
  • [Dysphagia] Many Thanks to all who responded re talking trachs., Nancy Burnett
  • [Dysphagia] FW: Voice Tracheostomy Tube (VTT), Nancy Burnett
  • [Dysphagia] FW: talking trach, Nancy Burnett
  • [Dysphagia] FW: Voice Tracheostomy Tube (VTT), Nancy Burnett
  • [Dysphagia] CE in pediatric dysphagia, Shaker, Catherine
  • [Dysphagia] Trouble asking a question, Jan Mechanic
  • [Dysphagia] Palatal Lift, Jan Mechanic
  • [Dysphagia] Lingual dystonia, Gregore, Dale

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