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  • [Dysphagia] CP muscle spasm, Clarke-Goertz, Kim (PAPHR)
  • [Dysphagia] Rate for Swallow Evaluations, amandastemmler75 at aim.com
  • [Dysphagia] High-risk paediatric patient, Michelle Stevens
  • [Dysphagia] Atrophy and fasiculations, Suzanne Humes
  • [Dysphagia] dysphagia reading material, jnbflem at charter.net
  • [Dysphagia] Atrophy and fasiculations (Suzanne Humes), Klint Goers
  • [Dysphagia] cervical arthritis and dysphagia, Joey McGovern
  • [Dysphagia] Velopharyngeal Seal, Melissa Redfearn
  • [Dysphagia] Post Polio Syndrome and dysphagia, Clarke-Goertz, Kim (PAPHR)
  • [Dysphagia] Radiation / Radical Neck Dissection, Tami Campbell
  • [Dysphagia] swallowing assessments after decannulation, Caranci, Karen M
  • [Dysphagia] Job Opportunity in Dallas, TX, Joanna Brown
  • [Dysphagia] Dysphagia Digest, Vol 58, Issue 6, Joey McGovern
  • [Dysphagia] swallowing assessment after decannulation, JoAnne Lambert
  • [Dysphagia] [asha-div13] monitoring temps, Fowler, Bernadette - Speech Pathologist
  • [Dysphagia] Atypical anorexia, Clarke-Goertz, Kim (PAPHR)
  • [Dysphagia] Scleroderma, Suzanne Humes
  • [Dysphagia] Gtube weaning protocol in snf, JLevin2 at aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] oesophageal cancer and Crico-pharyngeal dysfunction, Clare Quinn
  • [Dysphagia] Lemon ice, Jill Kobak
  • [Dysphagia] New Medicare Surveyors document, Alex Cameron
  • [Dysphagia] Picture Archiving Systems PACS for MBS, Cara Erskine
  • [Dysphagia] lemon glycerine swabs, Suzanne Humes
  • [Dysphagia] Lemon glyceriine swabs, Alex Cameron
  • [Dysphagia] New standards, Alex Cameron
  • [Dysphagia] Clinical Ladders, Jill Kobak
  • [Dysphagia] VitalStim/NMES Electrodes, Leah Bellinger
  • [Dysphagia] Isolated UES opening, Joey McGovern
  • [Dysphagia] CREST case, Suzanne Humes
  • [Dysphagia] DVD Suggestions??, Marilyn Wender
  • [Dysphagia] Resources for VFSSs for Pediatric Population, Daniela Kuhner
  • [Dysphagia] Dysphagia after esophagectomy, J.O.H.N.C.Y.
  • [Dysphagia] Volunteers feeding, Nancy Burnett
  • [Dysphagia] hyperbaric tx s/p H&N radiation, Allen, Karen
  • [Dysphagia] FEES equipment, Lisa Cole, SLP
  • [Dysphagia] National Foundation Of Swallowing Disorders Fundraiser, Sonia Blue
  • [Dysphagia] FEES equipment-Hands On Opportunity, Bartcyn at cs.com
  • [Dysphagia] Excess saliva, Walsh, Linda (R1SE)
  • [Dysphagia] Aspiration precautions, Alex Cameron
  • [Dysphagia] Liquid content in solid foods, Andersen, Jo Ellen
  • [Dysphagia] Introduction of oral trials post PEG/RIG insertion, Murray Tracey (5PV) West Essex PCT
  • [Dysphagia] Digeorge Syndrome, Gilbert Rondeau
  • [Dysphagia] Dysphagia Digest, Vol 58, Issue 21, Walsh, Linda (R1SE)
  • [Dysphagia] Patient with esophageal dysphagia, sorriso at roadrunner.com
  • [Dysphagia] DVD recorder recommendations, Marilyn Wender
  • [Dysphagia] Digeorge Sequence, Gilbert Rondeau
  • [Dysphagia] G-tube weaning, dgrabo at nycap.rr.com
  • [Dysphagia] esophageal dysphagia (re: SLP's only practitioners?), Brenda K
  • [Dysphagia] Dysphagia Digest, Vol 58, Issue 29, Tracey Daly
  • [Dysphagia] Phyllis Palmer, Barbara Sonies
  • [Dysphagia] patient with esophageal dysphagia, Furstoss, Jeanne ACMC
  • [Dysphagia] Cameron J Potts is out of the office., Cameron.J.Potts at kp.org
  • [Dysphagia] dysphagia counseling information, jnbflem at charter.net
  • [Dysphagia] Fw: National Foundation Of Swallowing Disorders Fundraiser, Sonia Blue
  • [Dysphagia] cp opening exercises, WestsideVoice at aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Irene Campbell-Taylor, Vera Karger

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