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[Dysphagia] FEES Equipment

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] FEES Equipment
  • From: SLEdgar at LancasterGeneral.org (Edgar, Sheri L)
  • Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 11:45:12 -0500

Hello to everyone~
I am looking for some insight on what may be the best FEES/FEEST
equipment out there for purchasing.  I am in an acute care hospital and
looking to start the program here.  I am trying to get some leg work
done in terms of cost of equipment and what is out there prior to the
budget process.  I have information on the Kay Pentax model 7190;
however the sales rep has not provided me with a quote.  If anyone has
any financial information on any equipment it would be greatly
appreciated as well as any other items.
Happy Holidays 
Sheri Edgar, MACCC/SLP
Lancaster General Hospital
Manager for Speech Pathology
sledgar at lancastergeneral.org

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