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weaning off trach tube

Hi, I'm an SLP working with the developmentally disabeled
in group home settings.  I was asked by a co-worker if
I would post this in the hopes of getting some input.
His wife is an RN working in a state facility (long-term
chronic care).  She's presently working with a young man
who was in an auto accident 7 years ago and as a result
has a feeding tube, and trach tube.  He has been non-verbal
since the accident, and is quadriplegic.  He presently
displays some lip and tongue control. An eval by a SLP
(which took 4 months to get) states that he may be
weaned off the tube.  The RN is willing to undertake
this (the doctor will support this being done) however
there are no SLP services available, to my knowledge.
She would appreciatle any info that would help her to
set this up.

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