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Wife's Swallowing Problem

	I realize this mailing list is specifically for Doctors and other Professionals in the field of Dysphagia. I am neither. I have been monitoring this list for the past few months in hopes of finding some information concerning my wife's swallowing problem. I am in hope that some of you might be successfully treating people with my wife's symptoms and might offer some suggestions to give to her doctor.
	As a brief history, my wife is 46 years old, and otherwise healthy, except for high blood pressure. Her dysphagia first started 5 years ago. She has been diagnosed with Esophageal Spasms, although she has none of the pain that is normally associated with it. In doing limited research on the internet, it appears to me her symptoms are closer to Achalasia.
	Basically what happens, is her esophagus tightens up and she is unable to swallow. The problem varies from bite to bite, meal to meal. There is no apparent pattern, ie: certain foods, time of day. She has some degree of swallowing difficulty at every meal. She has found that if she gets up and takes a BIG drink of water, it "usually" goes down. Sometimes she has to do this once or twice, sometimes ten or more time during a meal. Needless to say, this makes going out to a restaurant difficult.
	As far as treatment is concerned, she had an initial barium swallow, and she has had 3 Endoscopy's in the past 5 years. Currently she is taking Adalat, Amitriptyline and Prilosec. In the past she has also taken Procardia, Elvil and Desyrel. None of them have produced dramatic effects. Although, if she misses taking Adalat/Procardia, her esophagus completely clamps up, and taking water is useless.
	If any Dysphagia Professionals might offer advice that we can share with her doctor, it would be greatly appreciated.
	Thanking you all in advance.
			John Schrantz

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