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meds for copious secretions

I have read with interest the latest comments from the group on copious
secretion management, and would like to add my two cents worth.  After Vikki
Stefans comments of 10-2, I discussed scopolamine, Robinul, Salatropine, and
Hysocyamine with a pulmonologist and the hospital pharmacist, in trying to
find some relief from fountain-like secretions from a 52 year old
pseudobulbar patient--very depressed and frustrated with the constant
dripping/leaking.  The pharmacist states she does not like the scopolamine
patch and it will probably not be available for 9-12 months; Robinul in only
available by injection to her knowledge, Salatropine is available in tablet
form but we do not carry it at our hospital, and she recommends Hysocyamine,
which is available in a very small tablet, which therefore can be crushed and
given by G-tube, (.125 mg tablet), and she states has a very slight
anti-cholinergic effect.  Not that I want to get into the business of
recommending meds, but this might be one that we could discuss with
physicians and pharmacists as we try to help with secretion management.
Mary S. Porter, MA, CCC
Director, Speech-Language Pathology
Vencor Hospital-Arlington
Arlington, VA

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